Parkwood Holdings - Taking care of tomorrow

The Parkwood Group of companies are leading providers of support services to public and private sector clients. The Group employs over 6,000 people throughout the UK providing services which include Leisure Management, Grounds Management, Healthcare, Consultancy and management of PFI projects. All of Parkwood’s individual companies offer high levels of service, specialist knowledge and management expertise. Parkwood is committed to the aims of its clients and developing long term, added value relationships. Parkwood's financial strength enables the continuous investment in its business and employees. Parkwood is fully committed to its social responsibilities and the delivery of quality public services.

In May 2014 the minority shareholders of Parkwood Holdings plc accepted an offer to sell their shares to Tony Hewitt, Parkwood's founder and Executive Chairman. From this date Parkwood became wholly owned by the Hewitt family and was re-registered as a private limited company. In June 2014 the Parkwood Group was restructured through a de-merger which saw the creation of two new holding companies, both wholly owned by the Hewitt family. 

1. Parkwood Leisure Holdings Limited owns Parkwood Holdings Limited (the former holding company) which in turn owns Parkwood Leisure and Parkwood Project Management. 

2. Alston Investments Limited is the new holding company for Glendale, Glendale Golf, Glendale Horticulture, Parkwood Healthcare and Parkwood Consultancy Services. 

The two Groups will continue to work closely together under the Parkwood umbrella but the new structure is designed to give greater clarity and definition to Parkwood's operating companies. Tony Hewitt is the Executive Chairman of both holding companies and will continue to invest in the long term success of both Groups.

Parkwood Holdings is investing in the future of millions of people throughout the UK. We provide communities with first-class leisure and recreation facilities, manage and maintain parks and open spaces, whilst also having an excellent reputation for providing nursing services to the public and private sectors. These are just some of the ways in which Parkwood companies are working together to help improve the nation’s health for a better future.

Websites of Parkwood's subsidiaries companies can be accessed from links below.