GDPR Statement

The Parkwood Group will be complying with the GDPR as a processor and controller of data where appropriate and have been planning and developing a programme of works which will deliver what is required by the legislation. This will involve working with our suppliers and partner organisations to ensure they can meet these obligations.

In order to achieve compliance we have:-

  • Governance: we have set up specific divisional steering groups of directors and managers to oversee our compliance.

  • Data Impact Assessments & Data Inventory: we are already undertaking a systematic review of the data we store, manage, maintain, collect, process and control.

  • Policies and Procedures: we have undertaken a review of policies and procedures and are in the process of amending these to ensure they are compliant.

  • Supplier & partner relationships: where relevant and related, we will be using all reasonable endeavors to ensure that our third party and suppliers are complying with the GDPR.

  • Training and Awareness: we will undertake training across the Group on the GDPR and its impact on the new policies, procedures, and responsibilities of staff & stakeholders in this new regime.

  • Controls & Gap Analysis: running alongside the work already underway, we will be reviewing the controls in place, or required.